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Links to mental health resources for QTBIPOC. These links are for both in person visits and remote.


Links to QTBIPOC business websites that offer a variety of products and services both in Boston and Nationally


Links to blogs (both Boston area and beyond) that share and are centric to QTBIPOC voices



Links and names of QTBIPOC artists, photographers, Models and galleries.



Links and Names of QTBIPOC owned groceries, food services, restaurants, and food trucks (predominantly Boston and Boston area)



Links and names of QTBIPOC owned and operated events, parties and scenes.



The Animal in the Man is one of the earliest works of my career, yet it touches upon some elements that continue to fascinate me and are somehow embedded into my work. An artist’s theme can often be seen and felt throughout the years, collections, and even individual pieces. Please get in touch in order to learn more about this piece.

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This continues to be a controversial piece with mixed reviews from art critics. To me, Chaos of Humanity represents an incredibly powerful theme that permeates our daily lives. With the use of color and abstract expression, I manage to evoke both the positive and negative energy of humankind, its selfishness, but also its incredible resilience.

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